The Best B2B Video Marketing Resources

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Video marketing is increasingly becoming an important play in every B2B marketer’s content playbook. In fact, 90% of online customers find videos to be helpful during their decision-making process, and 57% of marketers say they prefer shorter content forms to long-form content.

But in the realm of video production, the barriers to entry can seem high. Fortunately, as video content grows in popularity, so do the tools and resources available to video marketers. There are tons of resources you can turn to for the challenges you may come across when creating videos specifically for B2B marketing.

From production to distribution, here is a list of online resources you can use to overcome your worst video marketing fears and get amped up to start creating beautiful and engaging marketing videos.

Production is an online training and tutorial platform for developing creative skills for business. They offer comprehensive step-by-step tutorials that cover all aspects of video production—from shooting on set to motion graphics. You do have to subscribe for service, but the amount of knowledge and content available is well worth it. It is moderately priced at about $30 per month for unlimited access to all of their features.

CreativeCow is a fantastic alternative to Lynda for those who need a free alternative for instructional content. There are forums, tutorials, blogs, and podcasts to satisfy video producers of all levels of skill. And as a bonus, you can share your videos for direct feedback and commentary from fellow creators.

No Film School is an online community of filmmakers, and is a great resource for video marketers looking for the latest trends in production and technology for video. It is great for tips and tricks that can make your videos more compelling.


Services such as Wistia, Brightcove, and Vidyard offer video hosting specifically designed for marketers.  Features of their services include analytics and management tools to track and engage your viewers with call to action and A/B testing features. They also offer insightful blogs and online communities.

Facebook and Youtube are increasingly updating their features for video to make them more friendly for marketers and creators alike.  Facebook offers fantastic metrics and demographic breakdowns for targeting, and Google has recently integrated Youtube TrueView ads with Adwords.  Some comprehensive alternatives to Youtube and Facebook are platforms like Vimeo and Dailymotion.

There are a massive amount of places marketers can host their videos. It’s important to know the purpose and strategy of your videos in order to choose the best hosting option.


ReelSEO is a great resource for video marketers.  ReelSEO describes itself as the “The Online Video Marketer’s Guide.” They offer video marketing tips, research, creator and channel rankings, digital resources, and more.

Video Brewery is a service that connects businesses seeking video content to freelance video professionals.  They maintain a great blog with topics ranging from production to video marketing strategy.

The Content Strategist by Contently covers the vast, all-encompassing world of content marketing but offers a lot of great insights into video marketing trends and topics as well.

And, our very own Kapost Content Marketeer offers fantastic content for video marketers.

The life of a video is defined by clear sets of stages.  Different problems and questions will arise in each of these stages.  It is important for video marketers to know which tools to use and consult within each stage.  Whether they are in the creation, or publishing, video marketers have a wealth of resources to consult.

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