R.I.P. Blog: What Went Terribly, Horribly Wrong [Infographic]

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It’s a tale told too often. What starts as a brightly burning flame awash in good intentions is snuffed out in an untimely blip. The life of a corporate blog is precarious, fraught with obstacles, and often ends before its prime.

The enterprise blog is the backbone of your website and content marketing efforts. Your blog is the content destination of your brand voice and holds the power to generate leads and create true and lasting relationships with your audience. Yet, the sad truth is that 77% of all businesses have a blog and only 85% of those have five or fewer posts, according to IBM.

R.I.P. Blog: What Went Terribly, Horribly Wrong [Infographic]

What was led to the untimely demise of this blog? And how can we prevent another pointless death?

Barry Feldman, the creative mind behind Feldman Creative, eulogizes our lost friend, Web Log, for ClearVoice, a content marketing platform that champions writers and brands. In this haunting infographic, he points a grim finger to what the blog was lacking and how its life was tragically cut short:

  • Valuable, engaging content that resonated with the audience
  • A defined viewpoint designed to educate, entertain, or inspire readers
  • Influential guest contributors that enhanced its credibility and outreach potential
  • A consistent posting schedule
  • A cross-platform, visually appealing, easy-to-read layout

What can we learn from the tragic death of one blog gone astray? And is your brand on the precipice of an untimely death?

Read on for the sad yet hopeful tale of one web log and heed the signs.

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