[Customer Spotlight] Brady Corporation’s Success with Kapost

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Recently Adelyn Zamora, global marketing manager at Brady Corporation, joined us for a webinar.

In the 46-minute talk, Adelyn walked listeners through Brady’s global marketing structure. She explained their marketing org chart, how content fits into the broader integrated marketing picture, and why the company follows an “agile marketing” philosophy.

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But for those of you who don’t have time to watch a webinar for most of your lunch hour, here are a few key takeaways:

How Kapost Helps with Alignment / Visibility

how to align your marketing department with kapost

With a complex marketing structure, and several departments working on several marketing assets at one time, visibility and collaboration are extremely important for a company’s effectiveness and success.

“One of the challenges that we were dealing with was just really having visibility on what the disparate teams were doing with marketing. [Kapost] has brought visibility to the greater team, which makes it easier for collaboration,” Adelyn said.

Purposeful Marketing

kapost helps brady corp create purposeful content

More is not always better. In today’s digital ecosystem, a lot of content is pure crap. Quality content is becoming increasingly important to buyers, who are savvy at tuning out the bad stuff. Developing a strategy for content development that helps every part of the marketing engine is the idea behind “purposeful” marketing and “purposeful productivity.

“There are some people who think the more content the better…but some of those content pieces really don’t have value,” Adelyn said.  

“We’ve been able to have a better understanding of how to create content with a purpose.” 

Agile Marketing

The idea of “agile” isn’t limited to product developers. Other departments see the value of quick deliverables and quick iterations for moving business faster. Adelyn explained that her team is able to execute agile marketing practices because Kapost gives actionable analytics in one spot, and categorizes individual content assets under one campaign view.

Why agile marketing?

Adelyn said her marketing team wanted to be “faster in the market and more agile in the way we work.”

“Our digital marketing team is practicing agile marketing…so that we can reach our customers faster,” she said. 

How Kapost’s Analytics Decrease Time Wasted on Tedious Data Gathering

kapost analytics for brady corp

There are over 1,000 marketing technology tools, many with their own analytics applications. That’s great, but it’s hard to merge data from separate sources and get to a clean, accurate picture. Differing taxonomy and various ways of reporting data skew marketer’s ability to assess real success.

With Kapost, marketers get analytics in a single place. All assets—including blogs, whitepapers, events, webinars, emails, and more—are scored in one spot, with one dashboard. You can even tie revenue generated to individual content or campaigns.

Here’s Adelyn’s take:

Kapost’s analytics were one of “the key factors to buying Kapost.”

“It took a lot of time for somebody to literally pull those metrics together and do the analysis, and now we’re starting to see everything coming through Kapost and under one campaign.”

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