How to Do a Content Audit

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Content is one of the most valuable assets in the marketing world, which means you need to make sure it effectively supports the buyer’s journey. Maintaining a high level of site performance requires more than consistent, fresh content—you also need to keep your online assets in tip-top shape, through a regularly scheduled content audit.

Think of it like tuning up your car. The longer you run it without the proper maintenance, the more your car’s overall performance starts to take a nose dive.

Your content is no different. Things become outdated, links break, and underperforming content needs to be updated or removed for site efficiency.

Starting with the Basics

  • Collect all authored content spread across the web
  • Pull all that juicy content together and organize it in a central location
  • Create a simple set of standards to organize content in a relevant way that’s easy for your team to understand and execute

Sounds logical, right? But the actual process of a content audit can be a bear to tackle if you don’t have a simple way to collect and evaluate existing content assets.

Teams are often too busy to create a clear, useful content management process that sticks, or people leave their jobs and take all their knowledge out the door with them.

Instead of trolling the Internet to find your content goodies. why not use a free content audit tool from Kapost? It’s an easy way to gather and assess the scope of key content quickly—all at the touch of a button.

Simply put in your website’s URL, add the URL of your YouTube channel, and (optionally) upload an exported version of your WordPress site.

You can add in the web addresses of all the content you want to include in the audit and the tool will pull everything together. It will also provide an analysis of your content’s impact on the buyer’s journey, including social media reach and other marketing insights you can use to drive educated content changes.

When you have an easy way to see all of your assets at a glance and understand the value of what they really deliver, you get to look behind the curtain of your content in a very powerful way. It’s also a simple solution to help get data sprawl under control and leverage the value of your online presence.

Simple, Yet Powerful Ways to Leverage Content Audit Results

You’ve seen the data mountains and collected what you need. Now it’s time to do something useful with it all.

Based on insights you gather from the content audit, you can do a few simple things to make your material more streamlined, organized, and web-friendly for the buyer’s journey.

  • Tag content using keywords relevant to your customer at each step in the buyer’s journey
  • Identify content issues to fix later, and tag them with a keyword that reflects the problem (e.g., “broken link”)
  • Assign content themes in order to organize material more effectively and set a standard for future content development
  • Clarify content goals and make sure each piece still fits a purpose
  • Dig into the data for gaps you need to fill, or opportunities to repurpose what’s already working by breaking it into smaller, more marketable chunks to extend its life cycle
  • Use content marketing metrics—production, engagement, performance, and content scoring—as part of your evaluation process during the edit, and reference those tags to map future content development
  • Begin building personas to tailor key content and advance the purchase process at each step in the buyer’s journey
  • Find a clear, concise way to present findings to your team—include insight on how content strategy changes will shape future marketing, as well as the actionable steps for moving forward

Seeing the big picture of stats, engagement, and knowledge gaps clearly shows you what content is best at helping advance the buyer’s journey. These insights can help you find specific, useful ways to change your content strategy.

Now that you have a simple, free content audit tool to manage the heavy lifting, it’s time to transform content into targeted customer connection points!

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