Why Content Audits Suck & A Tool That Makes Them Easy [SlideShare]

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Why does the content marketing audit suffer from a bad reputation?

Because it’s a painstaking, time-consuming process—that’s why.

Why Content Audits Suck and A Tool That Makes Them Easy [SlideShare]

Yet, just about everyone agrees a content audit is a needed part of a content marketing strategy, even if it does feel like it takes forever. And we’re here to tell you, your fears are misplaced. We’ve simplified (and automated) the process with a free content audit tool, the Content Auditor. It crawls your websites, blogs, and video channels, allows you to categorize content by type, publish date, persona, author, and theme, and analyzes engagement across key distribution channels.

But if you need more convincing on why content audits are necessary—and help conquering your fears—check out this SlideShare presentation, “Don’t Fear the Content Audit.

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