How to Maximize the Value of Your Content Comrades

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Call in the troops!

Content marketing pros spend a great deal of time working up compelling ideas to share with their communities across all different formats, but to truly maximize the value of your content output, it’s critical to consider the marketing activities surrounding assets as early as the idea phase.

For example: when drafting a blog post, think of how you can extract data points for social graphics or infographics. How will you condense your long-form content down to social posts? How do you introduce your topic to LinkedIn groups? Will your next asset be a suitable featured content offering for the next demand-generation email?

Whether your team is big or small, dispersed or actively working out of one location, everyone can benefit from this one tip: get to know your content comrades.

This can and will differ across organizations, but here’s a simple breakdown of what we at the Oracle Marketing Cloud refer to as the “Content Comrade Roster”:

The Content Chief

This is your ringleader—the content connector, if you will. This person is responsible for managing the high-level content marketing initiatives, and he or she likely reports to your marketing leader. A primary responsibility is to translate corporate goals into content realities.

The Content Strategist(s)

This is the primary content conceptualizer, writer, and likely the manager of any external resources. This person also creates launch briefs to keep the content team in the know, and serves as a liaison, enabling and empowering other organizational departments with content.

The Social Media Marketer

This is your strategic marketer focused on leveraging social advertising to extend the reach and virality of content assets. This person helps guide content development by providing visibility into the types of content that attract and engage in the early phases of interactions with your brand.

The Community Manager

Your “social butterfly,” if you will, the community manager helps spread the good word about content before, during, and after the release. This person can be instrumental in hyping up your audience, garnering feedback via social media, and supporting the circulation and reach of content assets.

The Demand Maven

The person responsible for managing your demand-generation initiatives, he or she is an integral part of the content equation. You shouldn’t map out content activities without consulting the schedule your demand professional is keeping, and likewise he or she shouldn’t be developing demand-generation emails without insight into what’s coming. This person also helps advise the content team on where there are content “gaps” in the engagement process.

The Corporate Comms/PR Manager

You may work collaboratively with an external public relations agency, or you might have your own team for managing these communications. Either way, one could argue that your content is dead in the water (particularly ungated assets) without the right person responsible for sharing it with the appropriate media outlets. This person is the wrangler of your earned media.

The Promoters (A.K.A. the Rest of Your Organization)

If it takes a village, consider your entire company the village people. While the aforementioned key contacts are the primary players in content marketing, everyone has a responsibility for the circulation and success of your content. Ensure there is a process in place for true enablement, and give your teams the resources they need to maximize your efforts across channels.

Keeping in mind that titles and roles vary, this is a list we developed to help you rethink content roles in terms of responsibilities. Some teams may not have each of these roles formally filled, but it’s important that all these areas are covered to maximize your content output.

For more highlights on how to maximize your collaborative efforts with your content comrades, download “The Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Content Marketing.”

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