Content Governance: The Rest of the Story

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So, you’ve thought everything through. You’ve got buyer personas and seller personas. You’ve architected every detail of your campaign. And the publication process has begun across a variety of marketing channels.

Time to pat yourself on the back and have a celebratory drink, right?

There's another half to your content story. (Image Credit: Dave Dugdale)

There’s another half to your content story. (Image Credit: Dave Dugdale)


Yes and no.

Do pause and celebrate your successes (we created a gif to show you how important that is). You’ve worked hard. You’ve gotten strategic. You may have even shifted the mindset of your entire business.

Those are some pretty big accomplishments.

But don’t forget that there’s more work ahead.

Because strategy and execution are only half of your content’s story. Keeping that content up after publication is the rest. And it’s the point at which many businesses fail.

In fact, one of the top reasons customers unsubscribe, un-follow, or un-friend businesses is irrelevant or out-of-date content—both problems caused by a lack of governance and curation.

Which is why we’re so glad that SiriusDecisions included content curation in their latest research report, suggesting that companies not only strategize and publish their campaigns, but also:

  • Customize for language and culture
  • Track campaign results and measure successes
  • Use what they learn to start the cycle of strategy-activation-curation all over again

Because creating truly great content isn’t a linear process. It’s cyclical.

Planning and creation are really only half the battle. Once you finish publishing, it’s time to measure. And from there, it’s about going back to the planning stage and adjusting our understanding, expectations, and sometimes processes, re-creating or editing as needed, and then tracking the successes of our revised content.

Sound like a lot of work? We promise it’s worth it.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the entire toolkit, which includes Erin Estep’s compelling talk on the topic, the SiriusDecisions research report, and more.

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