This Week in Content Marketing: Big Questions from Top Marketers

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This week, big names are posing big questions. The below articles will make you think…about your strategy, about scaling your content operation, and about technology. Give these content marketing questions a read, because at the end of the day, the right questions will make us better content marketers. Enjoy!

There’s a debate going on in the world of content marketing. Is it better to produce a lot of content, or is it better to produce quality content? In a fantastic post by Mitch Joel, he proposes…why not do both? To show how it can work, Joel references how Gary Vaynerchuck has built his online empire with both repetition and quality. Not only does this article validate the investment in content marketing, but it poses an interesting final question: “Is this hard to scale? Absolutely. Will every brand get this right? Absolutely not.” The implication here: don’t you want your business to be the one that figures it out? Via Harvard Business Review

If you’re just starting out with content marketing, you should read this post. If you’re knee-deep in content marketing, you should read this post. In it, Michael Brenner breaks down the 8 questions you need to ask yourself when defining (or, evolving) your strategy. Need more convincing to take a closer look? In his own words, here’s why this is such an important topic: “We need to create more of the kind of content our customers are looking for and less of the stuff no one reads, or acts upon.” Check it out. Via B2B Marketing Insider

This week, just today actually, the Content Marketing Institute’s Robert Rose released a new report on content marketing technologies, explaining how 13 tools organize and map to the steps in the content marketing process. In his blog post, Rose does an incredible job examining why and how software solutions can support this process. If you’re looking into content marketing software, the post is definitely worth reading. Of course, it’s not as thorough as the full report, but it will help you define which of these “pieces” of the process is most valuable to your content operation. Via Content Marketing Institute

And in case you missed anything this week on the Content Marketeer:

Hopefully, this week’s articles have made you think through some of the most important pieces of your content marketing operation. If you want to see how companies are managing (and answering) these questions in their organizations, check out Cengage Learning’s Succes Story. And don’t forget to enjoy your weekend, Content Marketers!

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