Extreme Content Marketing With Red Bull

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Ever wonder what the top content marketers in the world are doing? What their strategies look like? What mediums they focus on? How are they so darn successful?

Yeah. Us, too.

Which is why we’ve been doing a series that gives a little insight into the content marketing tactics and the underlying mindsets of our Kapost Top 50 Content Marketing Brands—those content marketing giants who have seen huge successes in 2013.

Today, we’re going to talk about #7 on our list: bold and brilliant Red Bull.

First, Let’s Talk about Foundation.

Before we dive into their content marketing tactics, it’s important to recognize that the foundation for every marketing effort is Red Bull’s strong, clear brand personality.

They associate themselves with extreme sports, bold moves, and risk-takers. Their brand is full on energy, excitement, and the idea that anything is possible.

And every image, tagline, campaign, and content piece backs up this brand personality, which helps build excitement, brand advocacy, and trust.

Now, onto Their Content Marketing Tactics…

So, what kind of content is Red Bull creating with their extreme brand in mind? Well…

1. Video

Like many of our other top content marketers, Red Bull has found success with video. And it makes sense, because their brand turns on themes that are decidedly visual—extreme sports, risk-taking, boldness, courage.

But unlike many other content marketers, Red Bull has taken video to the next level, not only using it for short pieces, but creating powerful, long-form visual content. 

2. Weekly Photography

In keeping with their focus on extreme sports and their ever-visual content, Red Bull posts weekly sports photos.

3. Blogs and Feature-Length Articles

Again, Red Bull stays firmly on brand with their blogs and feature content, which, in addition to text, continue to rely on the help of powerful visuals such as photography and video.

4. Print

Red Bull hasn’t left print publications in the dust. In fact, it publishes a multi-million-reader publication.

And that’s just scratching the surface. Red Bull also has a foot in mobile games, events, and a variety of other content-centric or content-related tactics.

So, What’s the Mindset behind All of This?

While Red Bull tends to be secretive with its strategies, there are a few things we can learn just from looking at what they’re doing:

1. Red Bull Starts with Lifestyle, Not Product.

You’ll notice that their content isn’t selling a beverage, but a lifestyle. It’s about inspiring and exciting people and associating their brand with that inspiration and excitement.

This jives well with what we’ve learned about salesy content turning customers off.

2. How You Present Your Content Matters.

Red Bull’s lifestyle is a visual one, and their content consistently reflects that.

3. Long-Form Content Plays an Important Role.

So many content marketing success stories involve longer-form, detailed content. Blog posts and social media also play a role, but don’t count longer, more substantial pieces out.

What do you think?

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject in the comments below.

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