10 Essential Marketing Templates for Content Strategy [Free Download]

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Team Kapost

Does your content marketing strategy need to grow up?

According to Content Marketing Institute, only one in four marketing teams are in the sophisticated phase of content marketing maturity. This minority finds consistent success with targeted assets that drive conversions.

So, what about everyone else?

The majority of content marketers are missing the mark.

Fortunately, Content Marketing Institute also shares some hopeful news: 62% of marketers are more successful with content marketing than they were one year ago.

Pause to slow clap for amazing content marketers.

At Kapost, we’ve seen proof of this improvement. Teams have been using our software to produce great content since 2013, and it just keeps getting better. After seeing the best (and worst) of content, there’s a clear pattern behind a successful piece of content: a robust content marketing strategy.

Creating amazing content requires thoughtful reasoning. If a piece of content doesn’t align with your overall strategy, it definitely isn’t contributing to your business objectives.

If you’re creating ad hoc content that doesn’t fit perfectly within your strategy, you probably fall within the three out of four marketers who need to refocus their content marketing to achieve the results they want. And, as self-proclaimed content geeks, we have the solution.

Content Marketing Strategy Templates to Connect Your Content to Your Strategic Goals

We’ve created ten content marketing strategy templates to refocus and better target your content to drive results. Here’s the complete list of the essential marketing templates for your content strategy:

  • Content Audit Framework
  • Company Priorities
  • Timeline Review
  • Classification Worksheet
  • Initiative Outline
  • Content Workflows
  • Publish Destination
  • Internal Enablement Gallery
  • Operational Assessment
  • Content Engagement Score

These templates help you accomplish these four marketing goals:

1. Alignment: Visualize Content

Content must align to your business’s key objectives to drive results. Because coordinating efforts isn’t something you can do retrospectively, the alignment templates ensure you’re hitting your targets from the get-go.

2. Collaboration: Work Together Seamlessly

Collaboration around an asset doesn’t stop after you hit publish; it’s still circulating (hopefully) around the company and getting passed on to customers. Facilitating this collaboration means effective tagging, grouping associated projects in a campaign, and having clear workflow steps. The collaboration templates focus these processes.

3. Accessibility: Search and Share Effortlessly

If you’ve properly tagged your content for your sales team, but no one can find it, that content will never lead to a sale. Use the accessibility templates to create a gallery the sales team can easily navigate to deliver the perfect piece of content.

4. Insights: Measure Value, Not Vanity

Seeing the results killer content can drive isn’t just necessary for leadership meetings; it also inspires your whole team to keep producing more targeted, effective content. Our insights templates give you the metrics that matter, so you can use your data to adapt your content to be even better.

Available for Download Now (Did We Mention It’s Free?)

We aren’t holding anything back here. These content marketing strategy templates are how the Kapost team produces on-brand, compelling content that drives conversions. We’re so excited to share them that we’re making them available in one free download. So what are you waiting for? The time for blank screens and reinventing the wheel is over; download the templates now.

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