4 Marketers Share Their Favorite Content Marketing Webinars

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If you want to put on a great webinar, it’s not only important to understand best practices, but also to watch them in action. And what better way to find out which webinars stand above the rest by asking content marketers to share their favorites?

To gather the best of the best, I asked the biggest content marketing group on LinkedIn, the Content Marketing Academy for their thoughts. Here are four stand-out webinars for you to check out, from content marketers, for content marketers.

“4 Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Blog” by Suraj Sodha

Bill Franklin, Social Media and Campaigns Strategist at Pickevent, recommends Suraj Sodha’s “4 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Blog, Become An Authority and Get Thousands of Readers…Fast.” The webinar features blogging master James Gladwell who shares his strategies for business blogging and offers tips for those just getting started with their blog. This is a great webinar for content marketers who want to build up an engaged blog readership.

“Marketing Writing Bootcamp” by Marketing Profs

The best webinar Michele Bunn, Executive VP at Media Pros USA, attended was Marketing Writing Bootcamp offered by Marketing Profs. According to Bunn, the presenters were “excellent and skilled and prepared” and “left time for questions.” Unlike many other webinars that were “dry and boring and would have been better in a slideshow format,” Michele said this webinar “was like being in a classroom.”

This webinar/course gives participants the tools to write anything thrown their way. From presentations to Facebook pages to brand positioning, it helps hone skills for writing lean copy that drives action.

“50 Marketing Metrics That Matter: Do You Measure Up?” from AMA

AOL’s Project Management and Marketing Ops Lead, Try Muller, says that AMA’s “50 Marketing Metrics That Matter: Do You Measure Up?” webinar blew him away. Try says, it was “the best webinar I ever attended for four very simple reasons:

  1. The webinar title and description set my expectations
  2. The webinar delivered on those expectations
  3. The speaker clearly articluated information
  4. The webinar was set up to include participation from the audience”

This webinar explores 50 key performance indicators (KPIs) that high-performance marketing teams are measuring and some simple steps to get started.

Online Courses by Eloqua

Amy C., Senior Marketing Consultant at MarketingCounsel.net, loved an online course offered by Eloqua. While an online course isn’t technically a “webinar,” the two formats have the same challenge of engaging remote listeners. “The instructor clearly understood the quirks of online communication,” says Amy. “We could ask online questions…He incorporated interactive content, and he didn’t waste a minute of our time.”

Eloqua University offers a wide variety of live online courses, as well as a host of abstracts and best practice documents you can download and read on your own time.

Have you attended a really awesome webinar recently? Join the discussion in our LinkedIn Group. Often, the best advice and the most useful resources can come from our peers.

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