5 Quick Content-Sharing Tips for Salespeople

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Salespeople have tons of content at their fingertips, from presentations to case studies to customer stories to sell sheets. But having access to content isn’t enough. The next step is sharing that content to educate prospects, grow a connection base, and establish sales reps as experts and leaders in your category.

But how do they do all of this? And where do they start?

Here are five simple ways for sales reps to effectively share the content they already own.

1. Re-Focus Your Next Email

Before you send your next email to a prospect, include a helpful piece of content. Whether it’s a recent blog post you wrote, a company case study, or some FAQs, show your prospect that you are helpful and knowledgeable with relevant content. Make this content the focus of the email and even include it in the subject line. This can spur conversation from a once dormant prospect and give your prospect something to share with their connections.

2. Be Relevant

“Show your prospect that you are helpful and knowledgeable with relevant content.” @amandalnelson

There’s a lot of information to digest after leaving that prospect meeting, but keep their pain points top of mind. Your follow up should include content relevant to that topic. For instance, if your prospect is concerned about price, email them content that breaks down prices or provides rationale about pricing in the industry. This could be content you have at your fingertips or something you’ll need to quickly pull together. Either way, it’s worth your time since that prospect is definitely not the only one with that concern.

3. Tie Content to Your CRM

You might be using a CRM to track your actions with prospects, but are you tracking content there as well? Doing so will provide you with a bigger and clearer picture of your prospects’ needs and wants. For example, if they read a few of your blog posts and downloaded a case study, they are showing interest. Look at the topics of the content that they’re reading as that may open your eyes to the mindset of that prospect. By being so tapped in, the first call will be much smoother for both parties.

4. Use a Variety of Content

People digest content in many different ways, so provide diverse types of content to your contacts, such as videos, infographics, blog posts, and articles. Not only does this increase the chance that a piece of content will appeal to your prospect, but it shows that you’re able to engage in many forms of content.

5. Use Trackable links

Email attachments and large files can deter prospects from reading your content. Instead, use a tool like bit.ly to shorten links to your content. This works for any webpage, from blog posts to e-books to videos.

Besides making it easy for your reader to access your content, link shorteners are trackable so you can see your content performance in real time. This means you’ll have access to the number of clicks, views and more. From there, you can refine and revise your content to achieve better results.

For even more tips to share your content, read this free guide to content marketing for salespeople created by Kapost and salesforce.com.

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