5 Tips to Successfully Convert a Sales Lead to a Client [Infographic]

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We all know that client acquisition starts with the marketing team, whether it be through email marketing, social media, or traditional print campaigns. But what happens after the lead generation process?

It’s often passed onto the sales team, where each salesperson is responsible for one-on-one communication with prospects to help convert those leads into deals. Because each sales prospect has different needs/wants, the process can be delicate and requires great communication skills, attention to detail, and integrity. After all, it’s been proven that nearly  80% of marketing leads never convert into successful sales.

5 Tips to Successfully Convert a Sales Lead to a Client [Infographic]

So where does a salesperson start?

Below is an infographic featuring 5 tips to help you convince and convert those sales leads into clients, created by Refresh—an app that helps people find common ground and prepare for meetings. What tips have you found most successful in converting sales leads?


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