5 Ways Datavail Uses Kapost to Sweep Up Inefficiencies

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Whether you’re a business owner, a chief marketing officer, or even a project manager, you know that the quest for maximum efficiency isn’t always an easy one. But reaching the point where everything operates like a well-oiled machine is a big goal for companies of all sizes. After all, not only do you save time when your company is running efficiently—you also save money.

In a recent Kapost webinar with database administrators Datavail, CMO Robin Caputo provided firsthand accounts of a company trying to reduce wasted time and resources. She explained how using the Kapost interface helped improve her company’s efficiency, and how it’s become a road map for future improvements within Datavail.

Robin and the staff at Datavail began using Kapost and increased efficiencies with the following tactics:

1. Implement a Planning Calendar

Robin explained that “Kapost has made a significant change” in the way Datavail plans out their entire year. By using the calendar within Kapost, the Datavail team is able to plan out multiple timelines and events, including marketing campaigns, content development, and company events.

2. Use It as a Primary Communication Tool

Before implementing Kapost, Robin said, “We were in email hell.” By using the Kapost interface as the primary communication device for all staff members, she estimates email traffic in the marketing department was reduced by 75%.

“We were in email hell.”

3. Analyze Content Gaps

Within Kapost, Datavail was able to use smarter planning. With the ability to see personas and buyers’ journeys, Robin explained that Datavail was better able to identify where they were light in content. This assessment also helped Datavail find more influential personas.

4. Increase Visibility with Shared Workflows

Because of the visibility of all workflows within Kapost, Robin said that it’s much easier for projects to move forward without disruptions. “We have very clear, consistent steps for each type of content,” she stressed, ranging from emails to blogs and even whitepapers.

This layout lets Datavail’s team members focus on the creative process rather than basic operational details. It also means that deadlines are clear cut and every team member is held accountable for their contributions.

5. Analyze Content Performance

With tools like Google Analytics, “We know how our campaign performs,” Robin explained. But analyzing specific pieces of content within a campaign is much more complicated.

“We know how our campaign performs.”

With Kapost, Datavail is able to center in on a single piece of content to analyze its performance and see how the personas interact with it. By using this analytical tool, Datavail is able to decide which pieces of content are most effective, and replicate that effectiveness.

The results for Datavail speak for themselves. Robin noted that within four months of implementing Kapost, Datavail has produced or developed close to 250 pieces of content. Inside that four-month window they also launched 30 campaigns.

Additionally, Robin pointed out that her five-person content team is “juggling 20 campaigns and 100 pieces of content” at any given time.

For a more in-depth look at how to increase efficiencies within your company, check out the full webinar. You can also read more tips from Robin on maximizing your company’s workflow here.

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