Distilled’s Tom Critchlow on “Why SEOs Should Care About Content Marketing”

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The convergence of content, search, and social media marketing practices is on the minds of many here at the 2012 Online Marketing Summit. We’ve spoken with numerous marketing leaders—from CMOs to agency vice presidents and enterprise-level managing editors—since we arrived. And all of them have found success in the integration of “the big three.”

Last month, the Marketeer published a roundup of three perspectives on this convergence, including thoughts from Distilled NY‘s vice president of operations, Tom Critchlow. Earlier today, he expanded on the concept in detail, offering several great reasons “why SEOs should care about content marketing”: Distilled for the Content Marketeer


We demand budgets and resources from our clients in order to produce content. We are hungry for and passionate about content. And not just content that will rank for keywords, but content that will be remarkable- content that will earn links and content that will convert users into customers. We should care about content marketing. We should understand how it works, how brands produce content, and what innovation looks like.

That’s just a sliver of what Critchlow has to offer. Check out his full post, “The Time for Content Marketing Is Now,” over at the Distilled blog.

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