How One eBook Drove 1000% ROI with Psychographic Targeting

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Some people aren’t meant to be your clients.

They don’t fit your ideal customer profile, they can’t meet your price point, or maybe you just don’t sell the services they’re looking for. Regardless of the discrepancies, the result is the same: round peg, square hole.

“Some of our clients were like pulling teeth,” said Doug Kessler, co-founder and creative director at Velocity Partners, a London-based marketing firm.

How One eBook Drove 1000% ROI with Psychographic Targeting by @jeanwrites

Kessler was recently named one of our seven Masters of the eBook, and has a knack for attracting the right people for his business. He does so by keeping his production of content marketing materials acutely targeted.

This is the approach of psychographic targeting. Or in other words, creating assets that connect to the psyche, likes, dislikes, and value systems of a target customer demographic.

Because he’s a true master, we interviewed Kessler for insight into how to do psychographic targeting effectively. Even a quick flip through his eBook, The B2B Marketing Manifesto, shows Kessler’s ability to execute highly focused content to attract a specific audience. For instance, he uses natural, quirky vernacular and off-the-beaten-path images because he wants to attract fun, bold clients.

Though the eBook was published in 2010 (ancient from the content marketer’s perspective), it’s still one of the most exemplary eBooks out there, especially for its ability to wrangle the right kinds of customers.

The Results of Psychographic Targeting

Here are some stats that will have your mouths watering for psychographically targeted eBooks:

  • Those who downloaded the B2B Marketing Manifesto eBook were 100X more likely to fit the Velocity Partners’ ideal customer profile compared to other assets they produced.
  • The book drummed up more than 1000% ROI on its $20,000 investment.
“It changed everything.” @dougkessler on the results of psychographic targeting

“It was really a business changer for us,” Kessler says. “Our dance card is full of like-minded, ambitious, confident marketers who are a pleasure to work with. It changed everything.”

We’re pleased to announce Doug Kessler as our Master of Psychographic Targeting.

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