[Customer Spotlight] Content Before Kapost “Pales in Comparison”

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Doug Sechrist has spent more than 15 years in the B2B marketing space, helping companies like Eloqua, Taleo, and HP Autonomy develop and scale results-driven marketing strategies.

Currently, Doug is Vice President of Demand Marketing at Five9, a provider of cloud contact center software that improves agent productivity and empowerment for inbound, outbound, and multichannel contact centers.

Five9 (NASDAQ: FIVN) brought in Kapost about a year ago to help pilot, prove, and scale marketing content efforts. And the platform is proving powerful.

With Kapost, Five9 has increased production and quality of content. In one year, Five9 produced 533 pieces of content and launched 20 campaigns in the Kapost platform; metrics that the company couldn’t have been to even able to track in former years.

Doug said he’s confident that content production with Kapost has dwarfed prior year results.

“It pales in comparison,” he said.

But the value of Kapost to Five9 isn’t limited to increases in production, or workflow management. Rather, Five9 uses Kapost as the tool that provides real-time feedback on what content is working, and what content isn’t working at various stages of the the Five9 sales funnel, Doug said.

“Yes the workflow project management and calendaring are important features, but the real value we get from Kapost is through the analytics and more advanced features.”

For example, Five9 uses Kapost’s content scoring to quantifiably measure the impact of content to revenue, and to see the influence of individual content assets to various stages in the sales funnel.

They plug data-backed intel back into Kapost to create higher quality content for future campaigns.

It’s the simple “X worked” and “Y didn’t work,” so “stop producing Y” sort of calculation that can dramatically alter results.

“Kapost puts a microscope on our efforts,” Doug said. “We use Kapost to understand which assets are more influential throughout the buying cycle.”

Marketing content isn’t anything new, Doug says. In his 15 years in the B2B space, marketers have been crafting up content all along. The difference now is that marketing team’s need to be able to scale their efforts, and track effectiveness.

For Doug, that scalable tool is Kapost.

“We have 20-30 marketing technologies, we look at Kapost as one of the fundamental platforms we use for our content marketing efforts,” Doug said. “Content fuels not only the top of funnel, but also accelerates pipeline throughout our sales cycle.”

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