“Sh*t! We Published a Typo!” — The Masters’ Disasters

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There’s only one thing worse than missing a deadline. Missing a deadline and then finding a typo. 

If you’re in the business of content marketing, you know this feeling well. It’s the organic result of the pressures of production. Essentially, no matter how many times you look at a final piece, there’s always a chance that an important edit goes unnoticed, and—gulp—you accidentally publish it.

“Sh*t! We Published a Typo!” — The Masters’ Disasters by @jeanwrites

As part of our search for the best eBooks and the people creating them, we also compiled the best content marketing mishaps from the eBook Masters themselves. Turns out, even the most experienced content marketers make mistakes.

Take a look at the following SlideShare to see some of the most hilarious marketing eBook blunders.

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