An Example B2B Marketing Strategy

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Team Kapost

B2B marketing strategy is anything but simple.

Today, marketers are drowning under the everyday needs of their organizations, making it nearly impossible to implement processes and tactics we know we “should” be trying.

I hear you—your job is not an easy one.

example b2b marketing strategy

In fact, if you sat down and wrote out every step that goes into a closed-loop B2B marketing strategy, you’d end up with quite the massive list.

Here’s an example B2B marketing strategy, listed out in all its complex glory:


  • Budget for Content: Assessing Cost in the System
    • Technology
    • Channels
    • Additional Resources
  • Assemble Your Stakeholders: Creating a Cross-Functional, Consistent Strategy
    • Product Marketing
    • Field Marketing
    • Marketing and Sales Operations
    • Demand Generation
    • Digital and SEO
    • Social/PR/AR
  • Define Buyer’s Journey, Sales Stage, and Content Map along the Way
    • Definitions Matter
  • Develop and Align Your Personas: Content in a Consensus Sale
    • Building Your Personas
  • Crowdsource Ideas: Getting Real Insights from the Right People
  • Build Timelines: From Big Picture to the Details


  • Map the Process: Identifying Key Tasks and Roles
  • Establish a Team Structure: Aligning Process to People
  • Build Workflows: Planning Your Content Types
  • Set Smart Timelines: Assigning Deadlines for Major Initiatives
    • Identify the Average Production Process for a Content Type
    • Establish the Framework for Accountability
    • Align Content Initiatives to Corporate Goals
  • Gain Visibility: Establishing Insight into the Content Production Cycle
  • Work Cross-Functionally: Collaborating Across Teams Without Chaos
    • Establish an Internal Communications System
    • Integrate Technologies for a More Efficient Workflow
  • Ensure Content Governance: Delivering Consistent, Streamlined Content
    • Ensuring the Right Style: Building a Style Guide
    • Put SEO in Your Process


  • Creating a Closed-Loop Channel Strategy
    • Maximize Your Internal Channels
    • Avoid Internal Content Chaos: Build a Central Content Repository
  • Traditional PR Is Dead: Make a Splash with Influencers
    • Leverage Channel Partners
  • Coordinate Technology: Distributing the Right Content through the Right Channels
    • Email
    • Blog
    • Paid Advertising
  • Strategize for Social: Employing Tactics to Boost Amplification
    • Integrate Social with Your Marketing Content Strategy
    • Identify Relevant Social Channels
      • LinkedIn
      • Twitter
      • SlideShare
      • Facebook
      • Pinterest
    • Optimize and Analyze Social Engagement
  • Maximize Your Website for Inbound: Turning Your Site into a Content Conversion Machine
    • Make Landing Pages an Optimized, Primary Destination
    • Make Calls to Action Clear and Compelling
    • Make Content Dynamic and Persona-Driven
    • Make SEO a Priority


  • Measure Results: Reporting on the Pillars of B2B Content Metrics
    • Internal Reach: How Your Team Uses and Shares Content
    • External Reach: Performance across Channels
    • Conversions: Content Impact on Leads and Revenue
    • Production: Finding and Clearing Inefficiencies
      • Average Production Time
      • Average On-Time Delivery Rate
      • Bottlenecks and Challenges in Workflows
      • Content Coverage Gaps
  • Create a Content Metrics Dashboard: Measuring and Optimizing Shared Goals across Teams
  • Incorporate Findings: Closing the Loop between Metrics and Strategy

That’s a lot on your plate. And we’re here to help!

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