[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Financial Services Marketers Must Focus on Content

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Upland Admin

Content-focused marketing strategies have been shown to build trust and engagement with buyers.

And financial services—consistently ranked as the least trusted industry globally—could use a little help in that department.

Believing that content is important for reaching and engaging financial services buyers is one thing—and actually, a thing we’re seeing more and more:

  • 76% of financial services professionals believe content marketing is the most effective way to regain trust
  • 67% think digital marketing is more efficient, believing that it costs less to reach targeted consumers online than off.

But executing on that belief proves difficult. Financial services marketers lack the internal alignment and buyer-centric culture to build an effective content-focused marketing engine. Check out the infographic below for more.

To find out how to get your marketing efforts in sync internally and with customer needs, download Build Trust with an Engagement Marketing Content Strategy: Spotlight on Financial Services, a new eBook from Kapost and Marketo.

finacial services infographic

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