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Twitter turned 8-years-old and them internets have been celebrating by looking up their first tweets. Below are the Kapost marketing team and founders’ first tweets.  Follow any of these folks to see how they’ve progressed by clicking on their names. And of course, follow @kapost on Twitter as well!

Without further adieu…

Mike Lewis, President & Co-Founder, wins the “Early Adopter” award on his old account.

@MikePLewis: "working in florida"

Stanton Champion, Director of Product Marketing, wins the “Tell Us What You’re Really Doing” award @spchampion: "Setting up Twitter"

Robert Phillips, SVP of Marketing, wins the “Who Are You Tweeting At?” award @PhillipsBob #FirstTweet on Twitter: "what are you doing now Ross? Please tell me. I can't wait. I see you found too. A customer at web20 told me about that."

Toby Murdock, CEO & Co-Founder, wins the “Foursquare Wasn’t Around Yet” award @tobymurdock #FirstTweet on Twitter: "working in maryland"

Chris Boulas, Sr. Online Marketing Manager, wins the “Really Into Tweeting Already” award

@ChrisBoulas #FirstTweet on Twitter: "Just added his phone on twitter!"  

Andrew J. Coate, Community & Content Manager, wins the “Promoting Like a Pro from Tweet One” award@AndrewJCoate's #FirstTweet on Twitter: "Social Networking Site Guide. Coming soon to In the meantime, enjoy The Innocent:"

Jean Spencer, Content Marketing Manager, wins the “Hasn’t Figured Out The Lingo Yet” award

@jeanwrites #FirstTweet on Twitter: "alas, beginning to twitter"

Nader Akhnoukh, CTO & Co-Founder, wins the “Aw, Son of Gun. This Twitter Thing is Pretty Cool, but I Have Lots to Share with the World and Twitter Totally Doesn’t Give Me Enough Charac” award  

@iamnader #FirstTweet on Twitter: "May 23-26: Beijing: Having local friends makes a world of difference when visiting large cities. In Beij..."  

Jesse Noyes, Sr. Director of Content Marketing, wins the “What Am I Supposed to Say on this Damn Thing? Screw It, I’ll Just Retweet Someone” award

@noyesjesse #FirstTweet on Twitter: "Just the facts: 190 CoFo high school student have received a total of 441 college acceptance letters from 72 institutions so far this year!"

Mark Peck, Web Designer, wins the “Tweeting Doesn’t Mean You Actually Say Tweet” award

@doodlemarks #FirstTweet on Twitter: "tweet tweet....officially giving in..."

Jodi Cerretani, Director of Marketing, wins the “That Link Probably Goes to a Tumblr About Cats” award@jodidey #FirstTweet on Twitter: "How would you live if you knew you could not fail?"  

Jason Bellegarde, Office Manager/Ninja, wins the “Zing!” award

@jason_belle #FirstTweet on Twitter: "Fed wants unemployment downl politicians cry "Inflation!" Current inflation = below healthy 2% rate. Um... shouldn't we raise it for jobs?"

Liz O’Neill, Content Marketing Manager, wins the “STOP YELLING AT US Slash I’m Tweeting Because of My Job” award @lizkoneill #FristTweet on Twitter: "WHY BOTHER?"

Jacob Collins, Videographer, wins the “Humble Beginnings” award (#ifonlyweknew) @JacobCollinsVFX #FirstTweet on Twitter: "My twitter feed is so #badass, @God_Damn_Batman wanted to follow me, but got scared. And I'm only on my second tweet #ifonlyuknew"

Anne Murphy, Sr. Managing Editor wins the “Have Another #Irish Coffee” award  @AMuphias #FirstTweet on Twitter: "@BrianNasl I'm cold #Irish sweater envy"

And finally…

Christine Leas, Marketing Operations Manager, wins the “Look it Up. It’s Science, Guys.” award

@ChristineLeas #FirstTweet on Twitter: U.S. population getting even more overweight -


We sent these tweets around to the entire company and a few members of our sales team looked themselves up.

Jon Clifford, Account Executive, wins the “I’m from Brooklyn, but Beneath This Rugged Exterior is a Really Nice Guy” award

@cliffordjj #FirstTweet on Twitter: "Writing my senior project to inspire high school kids about sustainability"

Patrick Cameron, SVP of Sales, wins the “What the Hell was [tiny twitter]?” award

@PatrickCameron #FirstTweet: "Powers out in south Boulder [tiny twitter]"

Also, Kapost began as a company called Grogger. Here’s the evolution of our company’s first tweets (only @kapost is still active):

Screenshot 2014-03-21 14.11.23

Screenshot 2014-03-21 14.11.15

Screenshot 2014-03-21 14.11.08


Screenshot 2014-03-21 15.42.51

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