5 Things You Didn’t Know About Global Internet Consumption

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Are you an enterprise marketer who doesn’t have a fleshed out digital global marketing strategy? If so, you might want to think about the consequences.

More people in developing and developed countries are using the Internet than ever before. And the U.S. doesn’t represent the majority of that usage.

Here are 5 stats about Internet consumption that should convince you to update your global marketing strategy.

1. Users in the Americas (North and South) represent just 21.8% of total Internet users. Tweet This Stat

If you’re selling in Asia and aren’t communicating to your buyers digitally, you’re losing a huge opportunity for engagement. (Source)

The Americas (North and South) represent just 21.8% of total internet users


2. The United States’ share of global Internet users is just 9.59%. Tweet This Stat

Think the U.S. dominates in Internet consumption? Think again. China is more than double that at 21.97%. (Source)

The United States' share of Internet users is just 9.59%

3. Africa is the world leader in mobile-broadband growth. Tweet This Stat

Mobile in Africa—and the rest of the world—is getting huge. (Source)

Africa is leading the world leader in mobile-broadband growth

4. 41% of men worldwide are connected to the Internet, compared to 37% of women. Tweet This Stat

There is still a gender gap in Internet consumption around the globe. (Source)

37% of women are global internet users

5. 73.4% of the global online population accessed the Internet via their mobile phone in 2013. Tweet This Stat

Think you can get away with content that isn’t optimized for mobile? Think again. Pretty soon, the majority of the global population will be consuming content on their phone instead of their computers. And they won’t be consuming yours if they can’t read it. (Source)

73.4% of the global online population accessed the internet via their mobile phone

How does your global marketing strategy hold up? Evaluate your current marketing with these stats in mind, and start meeting the needs of your global online audience.

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