Hach Sees 900% Increase in Marketo Email Production with Kapost

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Hach Case Study at a Glance

Original Challenges 

  • Manually tracking performance metrics was time-intensive and cumbersome 
  • Too much time managing technology, and not enough time for production
  • No ability to scale the quantity of global emails sent

Results with Kapost 

  • 9X lift in email production
  • 93% on-time delivery rate
  • 1/2 the time spent on metrics and analytics tracking

The Complete Story

Kapost’s Marketo integration made it possible for Hach’s marketing team to increase annual email production by roughly 900%.

As a global manufacturer and distributer of innovative solutions for monitoring water quality in a variety of industries, Hach needed a technology process that would allow them to produce a high volume of emails—without wasting time on managing that technology.

With Marketo set up, Hach was poised for an impressive uptick in both quality and quantity of emails sent, but needed a way to streamline their workflow for developing content.

Specifically, Hach struggled with siloed teams, lack of visibility into content production times, and manually recording key performance metrics—like production times—in spreadsheets.

“We were trying to track on-time delivery rates in spreadsheets, but it was prone to error and was taking so much time to manage,” says Kelly Christopherson, a marketing automation specialist with Hach.

Hach needed to simplify their email marketing process, while simultaneously increasing production of emails at a global scale. 

Centralized Production of Content

Now, with Kapost’s centralized hub for email creation, Hach is able to streamline previously siloed teams into one email production workflow. This keeps production focused and gives team members visibility into where each email is in terms of stage of completion.

The Analytics That Matter

By tying Kapost to key business objectives, Hach is able to track and report on the metrics that matter to their organization. Specifically, Hach is interested in measuring the percent of on-time deliveries of email content and assessing which stages in the production workflow cause delays or botttlenecks. For instance, since implementing Kapost, Hach is able to report a 93% on-time delivery rate.

9X Production; No Increase in Budget / Resources

Hach moved from delivering an average of five emails per month to a whopping 50 per month with Kapost.

“Kapost has enabled us to do that,” Christopherson says. “It’s all about facilitation. Kapost makes it possible for us to do the scale of email marketing we want to be doing.”

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