How Content Marketing Can Help Your Love Life

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Upland Admin
Never, never talk about yourself. Always about her.

Ryan Gosling… life coach and content marketing extraordinaire?

In the popular romcom, Crazy, Stupid, Love., Steve Carell’s character, Cal, relies on the advice of charmer, Jacob, played by Ryan Gosling. Jacob coaches Cal on how to get his mojo back, specifically how to pick up girls at bars. At the 0:20 second mark in the clip below, Gosling insists Carell never talk about himself when trying to entice a girl.

Sounds similar to the advice of content marketing leaders: don’t talk about your company or your product; talk about what your customers want to hear. Regardless of your love life, get your hands-on training from content marketing leaders at Kapost’s Content Marketing Bootcamp in San Francisco this February. Learn more and register here.

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