How to Create a Webinar Slide Deck [with a Downloadable Template]

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Webinars may well have been the inspiration for Murphey’s Law—whatever can go wrong seems, indeed, to go wrong. Patchy sound, unreliable WiFi, guests who ramble—and it’s all (usually) live. And while anyone tasked with architecting or hosting a webinar should have a the-show-must-go-on attitude and relatively thick skin, it doesn’t hurt to come prepared when it comes to the things you can control. One of those is your slide deck.

So in all my boundless generosity, I’ve decided to share a downloadable PowerPoint webinar slide deck template for all of you, my marketing friends, to customize as you see fit. But first, a quick guide to the must-haves of a webinar deck:

Webinar Slide Deck Essentials

1. Title

First thing’s first: the title. Remind attendees what they signed up for and who they’ll hear from.

Webinar slide deck title

2. Introductions

Next, introduce your presenters. Include a headshot (especially important if video will be off), a short biography (why should anyone care what this person has to say?), and throw in some links to their personal and/or company social accounts and website (after all, anyone joining you for a webinar likely has an eye toward self-promotion).

Webinar slide deck introduction

3. Agenda

Next, give your attendees an idea of what they expect. Your agenda slide should answer the three most common audience questions:

  1. Will attendees get the recording and/or slides emailed to them after the webinar?
  2. Will you be taking questions? How can attendees ask them?
  3. What is the order of the key topics you plan to cover?

Webinar slide deck agenda


4. Your actual presentation

After all of the introductions and housekeeping is finished, it’s time to get to the meat of your webinar. For your story to leave a lasting impression on your audience, you can’t have huge blocks of text taking up each slide. It’s important to present your story in a visually appealing way.

Created and approved by our in-house graphic design team, here are a few examples of slides that get—and keep—audience attention:

Webinar slide deck stat

Webinar slide deck takeaways

Webinar slide deck quote area


Key Takeaways

With all the things to worry about when you put on a webinar, your deck shouldn’t be one of them. Having a great template leaves you more time to focus on the other balls in the air, and makes it much easier to collaborate with presenters.

Ready to get started? Download the PowerPoint template here.

And if you need to create other forms of content to continue the storyline, download these easy-to-edit templates for an eBook, white paper, benchmark report, webinar slides, blog post, and a campaign brief in one bundle here.

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