How to Use Content Strategy as a Training Tool for Your Sales Team

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We recently talked about how great content can help our sales teams save time and increase sales. Today, we’ll look at how content strategy can help our sales teams train new or struggling members in how to sell as effectively, and using the same messaging, as our top producers.

First, determine how your top sellers are communicating, and devise a framework based on their successful methods (as well as user research, web data, etc.). Start by answering a few vital questions:

  • What are your key messages?
  • What are the most compelling selling points for each of your products and services?
  • What does the typical sales funnel look like? What messages are appropriate for each stage in the process?
  • What content (technical forums, case studies, product reviews, etc.) is available to help your users in the decision-making process?
  • How do your top sellers close the final sale?
  • What hesitations do your prospective clients have? How can you address them?

Once you have a framework for your sales communications based on what you know from your top sellers, user research, and online data, it’s time to make sure your sales team is on the same page—about what they’re selling, what they’re saying, and why they’re saying it.

Just like an online content strategy, this phase of the project should provide guidelines that result from these questions:

  • What are your primary, secondary, and tertiary messages?
  • How should we talk about the products or services?
  • In what order should we talk about the key messages?
  • What additional materials should we provide our clients?
  • What should we ask them to do?

By breaking down communication in this way, you set up your sales team to succeed. And once you have the sales framework in place, you can use it to inform not only your sales talking points and external communications, but your sales materials, keeping your messaging consistent and effective across every channel.

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