Kapost Expands Ecosystem With Atomic Reach

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Upland Admin

When it comes to creating great content, sometimes we could use a little help making it more engaging. Maybe the content is not quite resonating with our audience, or maybe it could use something extra to take it from good and make it great. This problem gets even more complicated when we’re writing for different audiences who each need something unique and different to connect with our content.

Up until now, marketers have solved this problem with round after round of edits, feedback, and testing. “Change this, use different wording here, etc.” It’s a challenge, and the results are often not that impressive.

Fortunately, the folks at Atomic Reach have created an innovative solution to this problem. After performing extensive research on different kinds of audiences, they have built a platform that will evaluate content and suggest changes based on audience targeting insights. For marketers who care about audience engagement, this is the perfect tool for taking their content to the next level.

We’re excited to have Atomic Reach in our partner network, to give our customers a new tool for improving their content.  In fact, if you ‘re a Kapost customer and you sign up for Atomic Reach, they’ll give you a discounted pricing rate of $500 per month.

Are you interested in learning more about how Atomic Reach can help improve your content? Contact your Client Success Manager to learn more or contact us here.


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