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We believe in empowering marketers to do their jobs better.

Before you roll your eyes, I’ll note that this message is more of a core mission at Kapost, consistently present from our content to our services to our product. In fact, across departments, we focus on in-depth education and training.

That said, we know that sometimes you need something quick, easy, and actionable. And that’s why templates rock.

We’ve created quite a few, with the intention of making it easy for marketers to take lessons learned and apply them to their jobs immediately. In the interest of continuing that message of ease, here’s a comprehensive list of the templates we’ve created and compiled. Enjoy!

7 Marketing Cheat Sheets You’ll Use Again and Again

Some of Jesse Noyes’ favorite cheat sheets, designed to make smaller, tactical aspects of your overall strategy easier.

10 Digital Marketing Templates for Lightning-Fast Execution

Built by some of the best in the industry, these templates reveal the formulas behind the best performing blog posts, eBooks, videos, social media posts, whitepapers, and more.

Content Team Job Description Templates

Kapost researched, surveyed, and reported on best practices in hiring for content marketing to provide job description templates that work to get the right kind of candidates. Download the descriptions for the following positions: Content Marketing Director, Content Marketing Manager, Graphic/Web Designer, Community Manager, and Videographer.

3 Proven Templates to Guide Your Content Marketing Production

This includes a step-by-step worksheet for making content pillars so you can get the most out of every asset in your campaign, 6 of the most common content marketing workflow templates for creating, assigning, and publishing your content, and a campaign flowchart template that will equip you with a process for aligning all teams and content in your marketing campaigns.

Why Your Blog Needs a Call to Action Flowchart

Often, when blogs fail to turn traffic into actual leads it’s because we fail to consistently include related calls to action (CTAs) on every post. So Kapost content team member, Jean Spencer, created a Call to Action Flowchart Template.
Call to Action Flowchart

The Most Valuable Asset Missing from Your Content Marketing Strategy

How, exactly, do you go from a comprehensive, detailed eBook to a high-level, engaging SlideShare? Liz O’Neill Dennison lays it out for you, step-by-step.

Screw PowerPoint. How to Create a Killer SlideShare with Canva.

I mean, you know you were thinking it. This post teaches how to create nifty, SlideShare-ready presentations with much less hassle.

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

Use these worksheets to lay the foundation for a successful content marketing strategy in your organization.

Scripts for Winning Executive Buy-In

Our eBook Setting the Stage for Content Marketing walks through the process for identifying key internal characters and understanding their motives, setting the stage for a unified content operation, how to champion content internally, and finally includes sample scripts for you to follow when pitching an executive audience.

Simple White Paper Template

Whitepapers are a powerful resource for B2B buyers during their decision-making process, but often design resources are strapped. Jean Spencer created an easy-to-use template to fill in the gaps.


5 Free and Responsive Email Templates

21% of email recipients report email as spam, even if they know it isn’t. To be effective, your email must stand out from the crowd. Here are five free email templates to help.

How to Generate 27 Blog Post Ideas in 27 Seconds [Template]

Coming up with blog ideas isn’t as hard as you might think. This is a template for generating 27 blog ideas in 27 seconds. It relies on three common blog post types:
1. The How-To Post (shows the reader how to do something valuable)
2. The List Post (compiles a list of steps, tactics, or examples on a specific theme or topic)
3. The Curated Post (compiles exemplary pieces of content)

11 Content Principles Every Marketer Needs to Memorize

This infographic provide writers and editors with a quick reference to William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White’s must-follow lessons from The Elements of Style.

7 Cheat Sheets Every Content Creator and Editor Should Bookmark

This post features Kapost Sr. Managing Editor Anne Murphy’s go-to cheat sheets, specifically for editing and writing better marketing content.

Happy marketing!

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