3 Easy Ways to Market Your Content Internally

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Creating content for your company is one thing. Getting your company to care about the content you create is another thing entirely.

Often, marketers spend so much time figuring out how to plan, develop, edit, publish and promote their content, they forget one of the most important factors for a successful content marketing framework: internal support.

“Many marketing teams are creating great content, but they don’t have a good way to have internal stakeholders leverage and use it,” says Grace Boyle, Director of Customer Success at Kapost.

Why Does This Matter?

For a few reasons, actually.

If you don’t have internal support from an executive sponsor, a new content team or program won’t even have the opportunity to get off the ground. It will fail before it even gets started. Executive support—even from just one well-positioned exec—establishes immediate credibility and the rest of the company, whether they like it or not, will see your content initiative as a valuable part of the organization.

Marketers create content to attract buyers, close deals, and retain customers. Yet marketing only has “agency” over one of these arenas: attracting new buyers with top-of-funnel contentSales is responsible for using content to close deals. And your service or support teams are responsible for using content to retain customers. If these two teams have zero insight into or don’t care about content, they’re not going to use it. Your hard work will go to waste, and they’ll spend time creating one-off, duplicate content assets to share with prospects and customers.

Beyond the obvious people and teams using content for their roles, if you can’t get the organization on board, no one will share content and you miss out on a powerful distribution network. Not to mention, your organization is full of experts in your industry with a variety of skill sets. Your company is stacked with people to interview, people who have ideas for excellent content, people who understand your business and your buyers. Without internal buy-in, your content marketing isn’t even close to it’s full potential.

3 Easy Ways to Market Content Internally

So, we now know that marketing internally is crucial to the success of your content-focused marketing efforts. Here are 3 easy ways to get it done.

  1. Use marketing automation or an email marketing provider to send a weekly content digest to internal subscribers.
  2. For campaign launches or new assets, push a content kit—complete with messaging and graphics—to your DAM (Digital Asset Manager) or internal content hub.
  3. Provide channel-specific links with the organization, then track how they’re using the content and the results. Then, share successes with the organization to bolster involvement and excitement.

Creating a process for sharing content breaks down detrimental silos, making it easy to repurpose relevant, quality content. “One client describes their content hub as a grocery store,” shares Boyle. “Different regions or verticals come in and pick and choose what content they want to use, localize, and repurpose.”

Not only will your marketing, sales, and service teams be able to maximize the impact of your content, but you’ll be seen as a key role in the revenue-generation efforts of your organization.

As it should be. As you are.

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