The Must-Read Marketing Books of 2014

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Upland Admin

Sign in to Audible or scan Amazon, and you’ll discover a daunting number of business-related books.

Just today, on the elliptical machine during a pre-work workout, I decided to peer into the vats of Audible for good marketing and branding books. I was inundated with titles, starts, suggestions, and hullabaloo.

In today’s content culture, marketers need to curb the crap.

As such, I divvied down the best marketing books of 2014, to bring you the best shortlist around. Click on the image of the book to be directed to its Amazon page to order the book directly. I’d also love to hear YOUR favorite marketing books of 2014. Leave them in the comments.

1. Everybody Writes

2. The Sense of Style

3. The Alliance (not exactly a marketing book, but important for all business folks to read)


4. The Innovators

5. Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days (New 2014 version)

6. Fail Better

And remember, put your favorite reads in the comments below!

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