6 Ways to Make Efficiency a Healthy Habit

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Let’s face it. People who have regular habits are often perceived as rigid, boring, or lacking inspiration. Yet countless people (including very famous ones) confess that regular habits help them be more creative and efficient because work, self-care, downtime, and daydreaming are all part of a regular daily flow.

In other words, the energy expended in the routine creates the desired results.

To maximize the time you have and the energy you expend, it’s time to shift efficiency from a case-by-case basis to a habit that’s part of a regular routine. Here are a few ways to get started.

Change How You Think about Habits

Habits can take a while to create and get used to, but they help you focus energy and effort in a smarter way, which is worth the investment.

When you view a habit as a simple way to make time for the things that improve your life and workflow, you realize it’s actually helping you invest in your quality of life.

Find a Way to Stay Accountable to a Timeline

An accountability partner can be very helpful in keeping you on task, so find one within your team or ask a friend you trust to help. The act of talking through what you need to do and knowing someone actually cares about your progress goes a long way.

No partner? Set an electronic timer on your computer or phone as a “check-in” partner instead.

Follow the “One Minute” Rule

If a task can be done in 60 seconds, jump on it! When you keep small tasks under control as a daily habit, it creates a cleaner workspace and helps you feel mentally on top of things. It’s also a very efficient use of your time.

Do a Self-Review of Your Workflow at the End of Every Week

Actors watch their own movies; sports teams watch their own games. So why not do a self-review of your workflow efficiency?

When you can take an honest, non-judgmental look at what went smoothly and what took longer than expected, you can fine-tune your habits and improve efficiency in key areas that matter. And don’t forget to add in a little reward to recognize your own hard work!

Start Small, Practice Often

When you’re ready for change it’s normal to want to make progress quickly—but that doesn’t help set you up for efficiency success in the long term.

Choose one thing you want to improve and then set a goal and corresponding timeframe. Start with a small increment of time, and then work your way to larger goals the more you practice and improve your completion time.

Get Clear on Your Own Creative Process and Secure the Right Support Tools

Being creative on demand is a lot easier when you have tools in place that support your personal creative process. Think about the essentials: what kind of music helps you stay focused? How often are you getting up for breaks? What do you really need to get inspired and feel motivated? The right tools feed your creative process and help build long-term habits that are effective and efficient.

Simple, easy to implement, and supportive—these are factors to think about when considering ways to fine-tune efficiency through new healthy habits.

What are some of your simple efficiency-booster secrets? Share them here!

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