[NEW RESEARCH] 10 Stats on the True Cost of Marketing Inefficiency

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marketing inefficiency in content creation processes

Inefficiency is a major pain point for B2B marketers, but just how big is the problem?

Turns out, marketing inefficiency is a $958 million problem.

In a survey of more than 3,400 marketers, Gleanster Research gained startling insight into just how broken content creation processes affect marketing teams—particularly at mid-to-large B2B companies.

Here are some of the key findings from their recent report. (Download the full report here.)

1. Inefficiency in content production results in an estimated $958 million each year in excessive spend for mid-to-large B2B companies. (Tweet This!)

2. “Managing the overall content process” is the top challenge for B2B marketers. (Tweet This!)

3. 85% of marketing top performers manage a centralized calendar for content production, vs. only 44% of average companies. (Tweet This!)

4. 80% of marketing top performers use workflows or templates to replicate the production of similar assets, vs. 45% of average companies. (Tweet This!)

5. 87% of CMOs desire more visibility around content production and performance. (Tweet This!)

6. Top performing companies are more than 2x as likely to rank content marketing as a top three marketing priority in 2015. (Tweet This!)

7. The most common causes of missed deadlines during the content creation process are: approval delays, communication issues, and “general chaos.” (Tweet This!)

8. B2B firms spend over $5.2B a year on content creation efforts, and companies with more than 250 employees allocate 55% of marketing budget on content. (Tweet This!)

9. B2B companies that invested in content marketing operations produce 300% more content /yr and 240% faster cycle times than average firms. (Tweet This!)

10. $0.25 of every dollar spent on content marketing in the average mid-to-large B2B firm is wasted on inefficient content operations. (Tweet This!)

Learn more by downloading the full report, including how the best marketers have built efficiency into their content processes.

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