Mobile Stats That Will Raise Your Eyebrows

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eMarketer and Akamai just released the report “eMarketer Roundup: Providing a Seamless Consumer Experience,” a detailed whitepaper on:

  • The increasing use of mobile (we knew this was happening, but the numbers are shocking)
  • The rise in need for a “seamless” buyer experience, both online and offline
  • The need for more structured marketing data.

The stats that made us shiver?

eMarketer estimates that among U.S. adults, almost half (46%) of all media time in 2014 was spent with digital, up from 23% in 2010. Mobile specifically has grown from 3.7% of the total to 22.9%, in the same time. Of course, the up-and-coming generations are increasingly glued to their devices, too, with 90% admitting to having their device at all times and 80% saying it’s the first thing they touch when they wake up.

The effects on marketing are obvious: marketers must continue to plan and execute mobile-friendly content strategies.

Multi-channel B2B marketing has long been a top-of-mind priority, but the content that is harder to pull off—like video, mobile, or microsites—often gets passed over for more quickly produced stuff. Whether it’s because it costs more to create, or because it takes more people and processes, video and mobile content are only produced by a select few.


How Do You Do It?

While I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at mobile marketing, I do know a few tips that should be considered must-dos:

  1. All mobile content should be responsive. Responsive design allows the content to have the optimal viewing dimensions for whichever device the person is using.
  2. Copy must be short. When creating content for iPhones and other devices, think about the amount of space in the screen. It’s tiny. Make your messages succinct and impactful with just a few words.
  3. Online and offline messages and “experience” must be seamless. Try to think about the mobile experience, web experience, and in-person experience as one package. That’s how buyers are gliding through information, in one constant move. In fact, according to the report, 90% of consumers said they want their online and offline buyers’ journeys to be a seamless motion.
  4. Mobile messaging should factor in personalization. If 80% of millennials reach for their smartphone as the first thing they do every morning, why not capture their attention with a, “Good morning, beautiful!” message, or some other witty personalized note?

The report is loaded with other interesting new stats, insights, and information, including an interview with Judy Shapiro, Founder and CEO of engageSimply, a marketing data company. We highly recommend the read.

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