New Curata Integration

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Upland Admin

As Kapost focuses on enabling all best practices in content marketing, curation is a piece that we wanted to enable within Kapost to round out that function of content creation. Instead of recreating the wheel, we went with a great partner and curation platform, Curata.

Curata allows you to sort and find relevant content to your industry, organize the content and then share it on your respective site or publication.

You can now use the perks of Curata’s functionality, inside of Kapost by using their curation tools, directly in your content marketing platform. Curata users also benefit from Kapost’s workflow and calendaring options within our platform.

After connecting your Curata account under Settings > Distribution in Kapost, we have a new page available called “Curation” (under the “More” tab). There you can add your curated content pieces into Kapost with a click of a button. When you approve your Curata pieces inside of Kapost, we show them on the Content Catalog (the “Content” tab of Kapost) so you can begin editing to repurpose or reuse. Through the connections you already have setup in Kapost, you can then republish this content to your various destinations.

Curata only works with HTML content body types in Kapost as they need to match the articles that are coming in directly to sync.

Please note – to take advantage of this Curata integration within Kapost, you must be a Curata user first. You can sign up to learn more about Curata here.

If you’re interested in learning how to setup Curata within Kapost and are already a Curata user, please reach out to your Kapost Customer Success Representative. Alternatively, you can learn how to setup Curata on our help article that has more pertinent set-up details.


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