A Marketer’s Guide to Sales Enablement [eBook]

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Every passing quarter, sales becomes more dependent on marketing, but not all companies experience cohesion and alignment between their sales and marketing teams.

As buyers become increasingly independent during their research and sales process, businesses need to publish and deliver more content, that is more relevant, and more personalized to each buyer’s unique concerns.

At the same time, sales teams engage buyers with content once they enter the sales funnel, nurturing prospects to close. By monitoring a buyer’s digital history, sales is acutely aware of the topics he or she is interested in and the pain points they might have. Then, the sales rep provides additional content to assuage those concerns, and move the prospect further down the funnel.

Unfortunately, not all organizations focus on the relationship between marketing and sales departments. 65% of sales reps say they can’t find content to send to prospects, representing the most common complaint cited by sales teams.

It’s a Costly Error, Too.

Failure to get sales and marketing to band together costs businesses significant revenue. Studies show failure to align sales and marketing teams around the right processes and technologies costs B2B companies 10% or more of revenue per year ($100 million for a billion-dollar company). Not to mention, marketers become infuriated when sales teams “can’t find” the creative messaging and content they’ve spent hours producing.

The lack of communication between sales and marketing has been painfully felt for decades, and generally suggests a business’s inability to master sales enablement. In fact, these mis- or non-alignments are so prevalent, they can even be spoofed:

It’s Time for a Sales Enablement Reboot

a marketer's guide to sales enablementFortunately, we wrote A Marketer’s Guide to Sales Enablement to lead marketers toward the land of clear communication, better sales enablement, and increased revenue.

With exclusive interviews from sales enablement experts at Salesforce and Vision Critical, and insights from dozens of research reports, this guide effectively teaches marketers and business leaders:

  • Which technologies to implement for sales and marketing visibility and alignment
  • Ways marketers can incentivize sales teams to use content and marketing-generated materials
  • Actionable steps your business can take to increase sales-marketing communication (like internal monthly webinars, newsletters, and use of chat systems)
  • Which analytics to track to measure your sales enablement success.

Download the eBook now, and get fast-tracked to better sales enablement strategies.

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