7 Signs You Work in Content Marketing, Now and Then

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Content marketing is a funny industry. It’s both young and old, simple and complicated, innovative and traditional.

7 Signs You Work in Content Marketing, Now and Then by @lizkoneill

The fact is, people have always searched for—and been served—content. That hasn’t changed one bit. What’s changed is the way we search and the way we serve that content.

The channels for finding and delivering content define what it means to be a professional in the industry. 

Below, we explore the seven signs you work in content marketing—now and back in the day.


1. Everything in your life is a potential blog post.

2. You have strong opinions about the Oxford comma.

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3. When people talk about content marketing as a “tactic,” it makes your blood boil.

4. You have a crush on Ann Handley.

5. UV stands for “unique visitor”…Not this:

6. You’re always on a deadline.

7. Buying isn’t a transaction. It’s a journey.


1. You paint on caves to teach people things.

The first signs of custom publishing were found in cave paintings in 42000 BC.

2. Free recipe pamphlets are the key to success.

Jell-O’s free recipe book contributed to sales of over $1million in 1904.

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3. You write helpful guides on the latest technology.

The Michelin Guide, which helps drivers maintain their cars and find decent lodging, launched in 1900.

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4. You think Henry Ford is one smart cookie.

In 1919, Henry Ford purchased a local struggling paper, The Dearborn Independent, and dedicated a section of the paper to report on Ford.

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5. You have your own radio program.

In 1922, Sears launched a radio program, World’s Largest Store, that helped keep farmers informed during the deflation crisis.

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6. You produce radio soap operas.

In the 1930s, Procter & Gamble was the dominant sponsor and producer of the serial programs heard on network radio. P&G, being known for detergents, was actually the genesis of the term “soap opera.”

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7. You publish comic books.

In 1982, Hasbro partnered with G.I. Joe Comic Book, which lead to a revolution in toy marketing.

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