Are You Making Star Wars or Star Trek Content? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s little wonder that J.J. Abrams, the guy responsible for rebooting the Star Trek franchise, was also chosen to reboot the Star Wars series. Fans who grew up with both have a hard time picking a side.

So for the Star Wars official holiday —”May the 4th Be With You!”— we wanted to geek out by combining these two storytelling arcs with our own geeky love for content marketing. Which led to the natural question, “Is our content marketing more like Star Wars or Star Trek?”

We already let you answer this question yourself with our interactive quiz. But no marketer and fan of either series is complete without an infographic. Scroll down to see whether your content is more Jedi-like or Trekkie-based. You can even use the embed code to share on your own site. And be sure to pick up this free comic book, “Content: The Force that Moves Buyers Down the Funnel,” too!


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