Team: You Need A Linchpin

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Who are the people that are going to produce all of this content?

Last Thursday we discussed the first step in building and operating your content marketing machine: Plan. Today we are reviewing the second stage of the process: Team.

In the clip below you will hear from Toby Murdock, the CEO of content marketing platform, Kapost, and Marketo’s Jason Miller. They discuss the key people and groups of people that will make your content marketing machine thrive. Toby’s main takeaway revolves around finding at least one person to serve as the managing editor and be the linchpin.

If you don’t have one core managing editor, you are setting yourself up for failure

Are you and your Team looking to take your marketing efforts from good to great? Kapost will be at Marketo’s Marketing Nation virtual event, helping marketers improve and refine their current content marketing practices. The event is taking place next Wednesday, November 14th, from 8am-2pmPST. The sessions will run from 9am-12:30 PST. Please join us and use us as a resource. See you there!

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