The Week in Content Marketing: Revenue Cycles, Curated Roundups, and More

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Curating the best from around the content marketing web. Tip us off to your favorite sources in the comments or via email.

Why Content Marketing Across the Revenue Cycle Is Crucial: Learn more about how content should be tailored to prospects at each stage of the buying cycle. Via MarketingProfs

B2B Content Marketing Models I: The Weekly/Monthly Content Roundup: This new series debuts with a how-to on curated roundups, such as the one you’re reading here, which is highlighted as an example. Via Velocity Partners

Content Marketing: How to Sell Executives On the Idea and Cost: Stories from the trenches (including one from Kapost CEO Toby Murdock) on how to effectively sell the idea of content marketing to your team. Via

8 Reasons Why All Companies Must Become Publishers to Compete Online: From cost to online influence to leads, Kuno Creative outlines clear reasons why content marketing is not only powerful, but also cost-effective. Via Kuno Creative

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