The Week in Content Marketing: SEO Experts, EBook Repurposing, Sales Reps, And More

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Rounding up the best tips, tricks, and ideas in content marketing. Share your favorite sources with us in the comments or via email

The Evolution of Content Marketing – An SEO View:

The US Edition (Part 2):Sharing opinions from five industry experts on the effects of content marketing on today’s SEO in the US. Via Marketo

EBook Publishing: 5 Ways To Repurpose Your eBook Content For More Exposure And More Sales: Providing five detailed ways and instructions (in a two-part series) to take your already published eBook content and develop new content types. Via The Future of Ink

Why Content Marketing Matters To A Sales Rep: Reviewing the benefits of content marketing from the sales rep’s perspective, and providing a time study tool to evaluate non-selling, content creation time versus selling time. Via Sales Benchmark Index

5 Types Of Content You Probably Aren’t Creating But Should: Aligning content type and the topic of your content with customer needs. Via Marketingland

Photo Credit: The Future of Ink

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