The Week in Content Marketing: Starting Off Spring with Great Content

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Image Source: Forbes

Content marketers have been quite busy this week. Maybe it’s spring that’s inspiring such fabulous posts on hope, trust, and…snakes? Well, whatever the reason, we’re digging the insights blooming across the interwebs. So without further ado, enjoy 3 of my favorite content marketing posts from this past week:

This week , Forbes featured an interview with Michael Brenner, vice president of global marketing for SAP and all-around content marketing pro. The piece discusses the difference between the hype vs. hope of content marketing–it’s also fantastic and well-worth the read. Here’s a choice quote to get you excited: “The hope of content marketing is marketing that our buyers don’t hate. It is marketing that serves their needs. It’s marketing that delivers value to our buyers, helps us earn their trust, and that trust then leads to brand awareness, affinity and purchase.” Check it  out. Via Forbes.

One of the benefits of investing in content marketing is that it helps you build trust with your target buyers (see quote above). While we’ve all heard a version of this idea approximately one million times (now, one million and two times), it can be difficult to actually achieve. This week, Heidi Cohen mapped out how. Here are her 7 questions your content marketing must answer, and once it does, your buyers will atcually trust you enough to take the next steps toward purchase. Via Heidi Cohen.

I can’t help it. I love puns. It’s in my Twitter bio, which obviously means it’s an important part of who I am. But if puns are like venom to your soul, don’t read this article. Just know that your pun-prejudice is causing you to miss out on 10 fantastic predictions in the world of digital marketing. In this, the year of the snake, we can expect to see more dynamic content, a need to rethink the creative workflow, a focus on content marketing, and–my favorite–budgets that scale (Get it? Scale? Year of the snake?). Sorry that I’m not sorry. Enjoy! Via

Did we miss anything? Tweet at us @kapost or share in the comments below. Have a fabulous weekend, content marketers! 

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