This Week in Content Marketing: A Strong Mix from Marketo, LinkedIn, and MarketingProfs

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Cheers, Content Marketers. Photo Credit: Miami New Times

This week started off strong. So strong, in fact, that all three of the articles featured below were published on Monday. To honor this on-point distillation of content marketing knowledge, let us raise a blog post toast to these three articles by LinkedIn, Marketo, and MarketingProfs.

LinkedIn is making exciting moves on the content marketing front. Their Influencer Program continues to grow (here are 5 influencers to follow), and they are already considered a powerful publishing platform for B2B marketers–and hinting at more to come. This week, one of their top execs posted a fantastic article on content marketing, which made me an even bigger fan. The post in Fast Company was written by Jonathan Lister, who oversees the North America advertising sales and operations organization for LinkedIn, and is definitely worth a close look. It clearly explains why content marketing is important, and provides three ways to ensure you’re doing it right. Via Fast Company

Now, this one deserves a real toast for multiple reasons. First of all, our friends over at Marketo IPO’d last night, and CEO Phil Fernandez rang that opening bell at the NASDAQ this AM. So cheers, friends, to an exciting day for marketing software! On top of being a fantastic partner, Marketo is also a wonderful publisher of content. This one is a guest post by Forrester’s Peter O’Neill, covering why content is so important for moving buyer’s down the funnel and generating revenue. Via Marketo

I know you don’t want to stop the content marketing goodness, but enjoy this final sip from the always reliable MarketingProfs. In his post, Mark Emond discusses how best-in-class marketers measure the successes of their marketing campaigns, and how you can do it, too. He lays out the four foundational areas of analytics success, including some key investments in both people and technology. Enjoy! Via MarketingProfs

Still thirsty for great content? See what you missed on the Content Marketeer this week:

Want to add something into the mix? Share your favorite articles in the comments below. Cheers, Content Marketers!

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