This Week in Content Marketing: Bootcamp & Boston Love

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Oh, Boston. You brilliant city. 

Yesterday, Kapost and Oracle | Eloqua hosted Content Marketing Bootcamp in this fair city. After spending a wonderful day absorbed in conversations with world-class marketers and listening to presentations by pioneers in content, we wanted to dedicate today’s post to the impressive Content Marketers of Boston. If you weren’t able to attend the event, don’t worry. We won’t exclude you from our content love. Below, you’ll find most of the presentation slides for your viewing and learning pleasure.

So without further ado, enjoy this round up of Content Marketing Bootcamp presentations on SlideShare (videos of the sessions coming soon):

1. Toby Murdock, CEO of Kapost – Welcome, and Why Content Marketing?

In the opening session of Content Marketing Bootcamp, Toby Murdock explains why content marketing is increasingly important–especially for B2B marketers. Buyer’s once relied on sales reps to provide them with the information necessary to make a purchase decision, but now the buyer lives in a Google world, a world of information abundance. In fact, buyer’s have access to more information than ever before, and they conduct most of their research independently of sales. Now, marketing owns the top half of the funnel and is responsible for delivering qualified leads to sales. But how can marketers grab the attention of their target buyers, and generate more leads for their organizations? The answer, of course, is with content. 

2. Amanda Batista – Think Like a Publisher : 5 Storytelling Rules for Marketers

As the Content Marketing Manager at Oracle | Eloqua, Amanda Batista knows a thing or two about quality content. But what is quality content? Entertaining, relevant content that tells a story and drives conversions and leads. To help you create pieces just like that, follow the 5 storytelling rules outlined in the presentation. You should also check out her fantastic overview of the session on Eloqua’s blog, which is one of the go-to marketing resources.

3. Carlos Hidalgo – The Use of Content in the Middle of the Funnel

ANNUITAS is in the business of transforming demand generation, and for companies to successfully engage with their target buyers mid-funnel, CEO Carlos Hidalgo recommends moving away from the tactical and toward the strategic. Peruse the slides below to discover how to align content to your buyer’s needs and interests, and optimize your demand generation strategy for success.

4. Katherine Scott – Overcoming Organizational Barriers

Think you have a lot of products to market? Thermo Fisher Scientific has over one million. At a company with over 39,000 employees in 40 countries that creates or distributes “pretty much anything you can find in a lab,” and also creates and distributes quite a bit of content, Marketing Specialist Katherine Scott has taken on the incredible challenge of streamlining their content marketing strategy. Find out how she’s doing it as she shares her tips and lessons learned.

5. Bill Strawderman – The Terribly Timely Case for Content

This presentation is the perfect example of B2B storytelling. You’ll enjoy it because it shows you how to succeed with content marketing, but you’ll love it because it’s surprising, clever, and just plain fun. So click through the slides below (study the style as well as the content), and let Bill Strawderman, Senior Director of Digital and Social Marketing, tell you the story of “Nettie” and content at AT&T.  

Thank you for a great conference, Boston, and a special shout-out to the sponsors of Content Marketing Bootcamp: InfluitiveNetProspex, and ANNUITAS. Have a great weekend, content marketers. I’m off for a Duck Tour!