This Week in Content Marketing: Google’s Take & Personality Traits

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This week we have some great articles for you to read and bookmark, because these tips will come in handy as you evolve your content marketing strategy. Great stuff, content marketers! social_google_box

Google has always been a huge part of content marketing. After all, when buyers explore solutions to their challenges (and you have a magic product that makes that challenge disappear!), they ask Google. Showing up in those results is, of course, critical. In February, Google published a whitepaper on the evolution of digital in B2B marketing, and if you haven’t read it yet, read it now. Digesting their insights on how large organizations implement content marketing strategies effectively will inspire you to get your own strategy in line. First, watch their video. It battles common buzzwords, often preached practices, and the content marketing monster. Then, download the whitepaper and get reading. Via Google

Brian Clark’s fabulous content continues to wow me. One of these days, I’m going to go back and count how many times he and Copyblogger have been featured in these round-ups. But because I’m about to go on vacation and don’t want to start a relaxing weekend feeling embarrassed by my overwhelming (and possibly redundant) appreciation of his articles, today is not that day. This week, he’s over at MarketingLand talking about the 5 traits successful content marketers all share…and these qualities are actually pretty good to have as a human being, too. Via MarketingLand

Our third goody comes from the good folks at Forbes. This week, gyro, Forbes, and Business Marketing Association hosted a CMO roundtable in beautiful (I’m biased) Colorado. The conversation centered around content marketing, why it’s so important, and how the best approaches for doing it well. What were the four key takeaways? I’ll let you read all about them… Via Forbes

And in case you missed this week on the Content Marketeer:

Did we miss any of your favorite content marketing articles from the week? Let us know in the comments below, and enjoy a wonderful spring weekend! 

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