This Week in Content Marketing: Long-Form Posts, A New Framework, & Companies Rocking at Content

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This week, we’re giving you a super-short blog post all about long-form content. The goal? Keep it quick so you can get going on writing thorough content your audience actually cares about. So without further ado….enjoy!

Michael Brito, our friend, the author, and SVP of Edelman Digital, shared a brilliant post all about why long-form is so important to B2B marketers. He outlines the benefits, and how to strike a balance between creating long posts and keeping someone’s attention in this increasingly distracted world. Via Copyblogger

In the perfect practice of long-form content, Avinash Kaushik, author of Occam’s Razor wrote one of the most detailed, captivating, and useful blog posts I’ve read in awhile. It’s also quite long, but his insights make it well worth the read. In it, Kaushik outlines a new framework for marketers to account for changing methods and tactics, a focus on content, and measurement. As well as another “surprise” piece to the puzzle… Via Occam’s Razor

Finally, we end with a not-so-long post, but one that’s packed with examples of great content marketing. In this post by Christa Carone, the CMO of Xerox, explains 5 key takeaways she and her team have learned since embarking on their content marketing journey. She shows how other companies have executed these best practices to near perfection, which makes this a great post for anyone who wants to see concrete examples of quality content in action. Via Forbes

And in case you missed anything this week on the Content Marketeer:

That’s all I got for this week, content marketers, so get out there and get creating amazing (and long) content. 

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