This Week in Content Marketing: Time for a Content Intervention

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Many marketers have gone off the deep end. They’ve lost control. They’ve stopped listening to their buyers, given into bad habits, and have given up on process. It’s time for an intervention. This week, the three authors highlighted below are here to mentor you back to a healthier place, a more successful marketing strategy. Face your fears, marketers. Remember, you’re not alone. 

It’s a dramatic title, but “Content Marketing Worst Practices Are Poison” is a solid roundup of content marketing worst practices. In it, Monica Jade Romeri makes on-point observations about the 8 things that are turning all that time you spend on content into wasted time. It’s a classic what NOT to do post. Enjoy–and hopefully it doesn’t scare you too much. Via Social Media Today

Creating content in a highly regulated industry, such as financial services or pharmaceuticals, can add layers of complication to the process. In fact, Jason Rushforth of Oracle | Eloqua gave a detailed presentation on this very topic, and an hour was barely long enough to cover it all. In short, it requires careful planning of timelines and good communication between all necessary departments and stakeholders–and there are quite a few of those. To find out how Invesco manages the process, check out this great article. Via Content Marketing Institute 

“It depends.” These two words, believe it or not, will help you create better, bolder content that your audience will truly appreciate. Why? Well, in a single paragraph, I can’t do it nearly as much justice as the king of fiberglass pools and content marketing, Marcus Sheridan. So hop over to his site and see what he has to say. This is advice you don’t want to miss. Via The Sales Lion

And in case you missed anything this week on the Content Marketeer:

Did we miss any of the challenges you’re facing in content marketing? Share them in the comments below. 

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