Today, Content Marketing Becomes a True Channel

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There is a lot of excitement these days around content marketing. It has come a long way from the days when just a few pioneers were practicing it and advocating for it. Today, most marketers know they shouldn’t push product message at prospects, but instead need to pull in those prospects with content that speaks to the prospects’ interests.

Many of those marketers are figuring out how to launch a content marketing program. Some have already taken the leap and are regularly producing customer-centric content. Even so, we’re still only at the outset of a movement in which brands are becoming publishers.

At Kapost, our mission is to power the content marketing revolution. We provide the tools and technology so that brands can build and operate a Content Marketing Machine. We are not satisfied with content marketing being a hip tactic for marketers. We aim to make content marketing the most effective customer-acquisition channel in every marketer’s portfolio.

And that’s why today is so important—because today is the day that content marketing becomes a true marketing channel.

Until today marketers have struggled to determine the value of their content in terms of their major objectives: generating leads and winning customers. Until today content marketing has not been able to perform as a true, measurable channel. But thanks to our ground-breaking partnership with Eloqua that we announced today, marketers are now able to see how their content is working to draw in prospects and convert them to customers.

And so it is also very appropriate that today we publish, along with Eloqua, our “ROI of Content Marketing” e-book. Once more, we are helping to push content marketing from tactic to top channel. Because while many studies have discussed different content strategies, no report has ever quantitatively presented how much investment content marketing requires and what benefits marketers can expect from that investment. With this e-book, marketers now have a clear path for creating a content marketing program that outperforms their most productive, existing customer-acquisition channels by more than three-to-one.

We are honored to be working with a marketing software company as great as Eloqua and are thrilled to continue strengthening our partnership and integration with them. We are excited about the major step forward this day represents for content marketing, elevating it to a true marketing channel. And we look forward to continuing to lead the way, bringing content marketing innovation and excellence to all marketers.

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