WedWebinar: Building & Analyzing your Content Grid

1 minute read

Upland Admin

This past Wednesday, Kapost hosted our monthly webinar on building and analyzing your content grid inside Kapost. During our 45 minutes together, we defined the content grid, discussed the impact of mapping personas and buying stages on your content marketing strategy, detailed the types of content you can add to your grid, and reviewed how Kapost Analytics reports the performance of your content in your grid. The webinar was really fun! 

The Kapost Customer Success team will continue our #WedWebinar series next month with a webinar on March 27th @ 10am PST/ 1pm EST. The goal of this series is to share various content marketing best practices and how to accomplish your content marketing goals inside Kapost. If there is a specific topic you’re interested in delving into, please leave a comment below. We look forward to meeting up next month!

In case you missed last week’s webinar, Building & Analyzing your Content Grid, you can view the full recording below. Our deck from the webinar is also published for download here

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