What B2B Marketers Can Learn from IKEA

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Upland Admin

Chances are, you have purchased, sat on, or eaten with something purchased at an IKEA.

The Swedish “ready-to-assemble” furniture giant welcomes more than 700 million shoppers to their store annually and 1.5 billion people visit their website. And there’s a lot B2B marketers can learn from IKEA about how to hang on to buyers’ attention once you have it and keep them engaged.

If you have ever visited an IKEA store, you know too well the pull of that gleaming path around the beautifully curated showrooms. IKEA is a master at guiding you on a carefully orchestrated customer journey. The ability to keep shoppers engaged is absolutely intentional. Every aspect of an IKEA store’s layout is designed to keep shoppers there longer, and ultimately encourage them to purchase more than that bookcase they came for.

Most marketers are so focused on capturing attention that they sometimes forget about hanging on to that attention once they’ve got it, and delivering best-in-class customer experiences. In the attention economy, your buyer’s attention is a precious commodity that you can’t afford to waste—and no one understands this better than IKEA.

Check out this infographic for some tricks you can steal from IKEA to keep your buyer reading and watching your B2B content longer, whenever and wherever they click.

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