What Is B2B Marcomm?

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As you know, the role of marketing is changing. We used to be cost centers, and now we’re revenue generators. The key to this shift? It’s what we do.

Marketing teams were once responsible for running branding campaigns. The goals of these initiatives were often intangible and impossible to track. The C-suite thought of marketing as “fluffy.”

Oh, times have changed.

Today’s marketers are celebrated as revenue engines. They’re building lead machines, improving customer retention, and uncovering opportunities for upselling. At the heart of it all? Communication. Here are the ways that B2B marketing communications teams can bring more ROI to messaging.

1. Testing and Iteration

Why get stuck with a static message?

A/B testing software makes it easy to test new copy. You can always experiment with new ideas based on what you’re seeing in the market. You’re also uncovering new research, through content marketing especially. Your blog posts, whitepapers, and social media profiles will help you find common themes to build upon.

Marcomm is about your customers, and A/B testing is a way to keep improving. Give your audience your best by refining the quality of what you put out. These little details make a difference—the world will notice, and you’ll get more customers as a result.

2. Conversion Optimization

Are you writing copy for the sake of writing copy?

Write your copy for conversions, instead. Every marketing objective should have a goal associated with it. If you’re writing blog content, for instance, your marketing goal should be an email list sign-up. If you’re running a lead nurturing campaign, your marketing goal should be a sales conversion.

Your press releases and website copy should be no different. In addition to being fun and interesting, your messaging should also spark a conversion event. Always iterate on performance—you could A/B test your press releases, for instance.


3. Research and Development

How can you optimize your time in the field?

B2B marcomm leaders have a birds’ eye view into their companies and industries, internally and externally. This vantage point can play a key product development role. You should feel inspired to bring new ideas to your product team. If you have a hunch for something that customers love, you’re probably spot-on. After all, you’re studying the landscape every day—it’s your job.

Communications is a research-driven field. In a way, you’re like an ethnographer or anthropologist. You’re constantly exploring and scouring the world for trends. It’s this experience that makes you such a strong communications strategist.

These skills make you your company’s best researcher. Keep your eyes peeled for valuable information that you can bring back to your other teams. Everyone is time-strapped, and you might have the critical perspective that they’re missing.

Final Thoughts

Marcomm is a critical optimization function. You’re making the most out of every interaction to build a big picture brand and company identity. The next step? Tying these milestones to revenue. Every part of a business fits together to create an ROI. Marcomm is a crucial pillar and its role will continue to grow.


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